186 S Wilson Ave, Loveland, CO 80537

186 S. Wilson Ave

Loveland, CO 80537

Eng (970) 667-1675 - Esp (970) 310-7198  (Esp) (Eng)


Celebration Church

Iglesia Celebración

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Sunday English Service 10.00am

Domingo Servicio Español 4:00pm

Sunday Service 10.00am

Spanish Service 4.00pm

1 Created to Fly

2 The Power of a Relationship with God

How to have a closer relationship with God

3aThe Eagles and the Storms

3bThe Eagles and the Storms

4 Commitment

19/26/14 Where is the Power of God?

1 A Flame of Fire

2 A Pessimistic Tongue

3 A Critical Tongue

4 A Tongue That Gives Life

5 A Grateful Tongue

6a A listening Tongue

6b A listening Tongue

Transformed in your Mental  Health

Today we are going to see God's plan and promises for your mental health. Our thoughts determine our feelings and our feelings determine our actions. Therefore, it is extremely important to have a healthy mind but how can you can control and submit your thoughts to Christ? What can you do to make your mind obey? In this message we are going to look at five steps towards mental health.