186 S Wilson Ave, Loveland, CO 80537

186 S. Wilson Ave

Loveland, CO 80537

Eng (970) 667-1675 - Esp (970) 310-7198  (Esp) (Eng)


Celebration Church

Iglesia Celebración

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Sunday English Service 10.00am

Domingo Servicio Español 4:00pm

Sunday Service 10.00am

Spanish Service 4.00pm


Pastor July and Pastor Jaide lead two churches in very remote mountains areas of Negros Oriental.


Pastor July & Lezyl Marcosa

Talalaptapan, Negros Oriental

Pastor Jaide & Beverly Isidoro

Linantuyan, Guihulngan,

ACAPULCO - Brother David Dominguez is from Mexico and gave his life to Jesus Christ in Fort Collins, Colorado, where he was baptized and called to the ministry as an evangelist. In 2008, David returned to Acapulco, Mexico, with his wife Lupe and their three children. There they began a work of evangelization, preaching the good news, visiting people, and leading Bible studies which resulted in the beginning of New Creation Church. Recently, God gave them the opportunity to preach the word at a village called "Los Limones". It is for this reason that our Church, filled with excitement and pleasure, has decided to support the ministry of our brothers in Acapulco.


Pastor Alberto and his family have been in ministry for 7 years and currently is the pastor of the church "Sembradores de Fe" in Havana.