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Probably we aren’t expecting for a revival to happen. But we need a deep moving of the Spirit, more than ever. Could it be that God changed? Could it be that the Holy Spirit does not have the same power? No, God has not changed, but I can’t say the same of us, His people.


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If we want to reach our destination we must ensure that we are not only on the right path, but also question whom are we following, as this will determine where we're we'll end up. Many say they want to know and follow God's will for their lives and this is possible because the Lord delights in revealing His purposes and plans for our lives. He wants you to know His will more than perhaps you want to know what it is.


In this sermons we discuss some misconceptions about the plans and the will of God for our lives and the conditions that must be met for God to fulfill his promises.




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in Luke 18: 1-7 Jesus told his disciples a parable about a widow, to teach that we should always pray and never give up. When do we give up? It is when we ask, ask, ask and it seems that nothing happens. Then we get discouraged and begin to question God and give up praying. It is at this time that Jesus encourages us to continue to pray although it may seem that nothing is happening.



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02/22/15 The six phases of faith to reach your dream

03/01/15 Phase 1 - God’s dream for your life

03/08/15 Phase 2 - How to make wise decisions

03/15/15 Phase 3 - Intentional delays

03/29/15 Phase 4 - How to face difficulties

04/12/15 Phase 5 - What to do while you wait on God?

How can we rebuild something that was destroyed? Let's look at the steps observing what happened in city of Jerusalem that was destroyed in 586 BC. One hundred and forty years after this incident, God called Nehemiah, an immigrant Jew living in Iran, to tell the Jews that together, with God's help, they would be able to rebuild the city and its walls. They could become a great nation again! But there are conditions to rebuild and we are going to see what they are:

10/30/16 - Rebuilding Your Life

11/13/16 - How NOT to ruin your life

Two weeks ago we saw that we can rebuild after something was destroyed in our lives. We used Nehemiah and the city of Jerusalem as an example, but whenever possible we should avoid destruction altogether coming into our lives and to learn how to NOT ruin our lives today we will look at what happened to Lot and the city of Sodom.

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