186 S Wilson Ave, Loveland, CO 80537

186 S. Wilson Ave

Loveland, CO 80537

Eng (970) 667-1675 - Esp (970) 310-7198  (Esp) (Eng)


Celebration Church

Iglesia Celebración

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Sunday English Service 10.00am

Domingo Servicio Español 4:00pm

Sunday Service 10.00am

Spanish Service 4.00pm

We are in the midst of a spiritual battle and we believe that God answers prayer.

Here's how you can pray for the workers we support.


1. Pray for their relationship with God

    a. Pray that they may love and study god’s word.

    b. To have a strong prayer life.

    c. To be filled with the Holy Spirit and walk in holiness in their personal life

    d. To have maturity and growth in grace.

    e. To have victory over Satan and the flesh.


2. Pray for their physical and emotional needs

    a. Pray for good health.

    b. Pray against discouragement, loneliness and depression.


3. Pray for their family

    a. On the relations between husband / wife, parent/child.

    b. For daily renewal of love and affection, and family unity.

    c. Pray for the children, their salvation and spiritual growth, their health and education.

    d. Pray too that their family life will provide an model for local christians and the unsaved.

    e. Pray for strong, healthy friendships


4. Pray for their ministry

    a. Personal evangelism, preaching, counseling, discipleship, etc.

    b. Pray for the people they are ministering to.

    c. For God to open doors for the preaching of the Word.

    d. For them to have spiritual authority and anointing of the Spirit.


5. Pray for the country where they are serving

    a. Pray for the political situation, the government and its leaders, the economy, freedom to preach the gospel.

    b. Pray also for a revival that can produce spiritual hunger so that many people may know Christ personally.

How To Pray