186 S Wilson Ave, Loveland, CO 80537

186 S. Wilson Ave

Loveland, CO 80537

Eng (970) 667-1675 - Esp (970) 310-7198   (Esp) (Eng)


Celebration Church

Iglesia Celebración

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Sunday English Service 10.00am

Domingo Servicio Español 4:00pm

Sunday Service 10.00am

Spanish Service 4.00pm

1 Created to Fly

2 The Power of a Relationship with God

How to have a closer relationship with God

3aThe Eagles and the Storms

3bThe Eagles and the Storms

4 Commitment

19/26/14 Where is the Power of God?

1 A Flame of Fire

2 A Pessimistic Tongue

3 A Critical Tongue

4 A Tongue That Gives Life

5 A Grateful Tongue

6a A listening Tongue

6b A listening Tongue